Big changes for light rail riders for the next 10 weeks

Big changes are now in effect for light rail riders that will continue for the next 10 weeks.

The service disruption will give workers time and space needed to build new light rail tracks that will connect the Eastside to Seattle.

Starting Monday, for the next 10 weeks, light rail service will only run every 12 minutes instead of the usual six minutes.

During construction, Link light rail will operate as two lines: Angle Lake-Pioneer Square and UW-Pioneer Square.

Pioneer Square will be the last stop for both north and southbound trains. To continue past Pioneer Square, riders will get off the train through the inner doors and transfer across the temporary center platform.

To exit at Pioneer Square, riders will use the outer doors that face the permanent platform.

Riders traveling through Pioneer Square Station will change trains on a new center platform.

Trains may also use different platforms. Sound Transit said there will be new signs to point riders in the right direction and staff will be available to help.

Riders should expect more crowds during peak hours. Sound Transit said the first and fourth train cars are usually the least crowded.

In addition, seven stations between SoDo and Capitol Hill will be shut down on the weekends of Feb. 8-9 and Mar. 14-15. Those dates could change depending on construction progress.

Free Link shuttle buses that leave every 7 minutes during normal light rail service hours will be available on those weekends.

For more information on the project and service disruptions, follow this link.