After months of silence, Lynnwood City Councilmember Josh Binda speaks out

LYNNWOOD, Wash. — City Councilman Josh Binda and NAACP leaders held a news conference Thursday afternoon outside Lynnwood City Hall. The NAACP reports it conducted an investigation and found the young politician was unfairly targeted by city leaders, specifically Council President Shannon Sessions.

“Despite the hate, despite the adversity that I’ve faced,” said Binda. “I’m going to keep doing the work and be unapologetically me.”

Gerald Hankerson with the NAACP, passionately defended the young politician. He claims, simple mistakes made by Binda were blown out of proportion. Hankerson accused Council President Sessions of discriminating against Binda due to his race and kept referring to Sessions as a “Karen”.

“She was actually after Mr. Binda before he even got elected,” said Hankerson. “She set the stage.”

KIRO 7 has reached out to Sessions for comment, but have not heard back.

During the media event, a number of counter-protestors waived at passersbys along 44th Avenue West. Led by Dio Boucsieguez, they wore their Recall Binda t-shirts.

“I think that Binda has been lying to the NAACP for the motivations for this recall effort,” said Boucsieguez. “Its unfortunate because he wants to use the NAACP as a front to legitimize his corrupt, illegal, and unethical behavior.”

In response, Shannon Session, Lynnwood City Council President, released the following statement:

”We all want councilmember Binda to succeed and many people have tried to help him. As council president, it is my responsibility the city council is following its own rules. I don’t do this in a vacuum, other council members, attorneys, staff and community members have all weighed in on best ways to address ongoing concerns regarding CM Binda.All of the rules and regulations that are on the books and that have been updated by a major majority of the city council, are applicable to all of us, and the rest of us have no problem complying with them. Sadly, This is another example of councilmember Binda deflecting and not taking responsibility for his own poor decisions, and thinking he is above everyone else and that the rules all other elected officials are required to follow don’t apply to him. I’m glad the NAACP is finally coming alongside councilmember Binda. Hopefully they can help mentor him.”