15 mayors band together to improve safety in Snohomish County

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. — Fifteen mayors from across Snohomish County have formed a coalition to reduce crime and increase safety. The Mayors and Business Leaders for Public Safety coalition aims to address public safety concerns like closing gaps in charging and sentencing people who continuously commit crimes.

“We have arrested an individual for property crimes and some illicit behavior who is not mentally well enough to stand trial but not mentally unwell enough to be involuntarily committed. Therefore he’s released from jail, but he’s back out on the streets doing the same thing again,” Cassie Franklin, the mayor of Everett, said. Franklin said in the last two years, drive-by shootings in Everett have increased by 123%.

“We’ve seen a continuous rise in crime, especially violent crime, which I think is really concerning but also property crimes and open drug use,” she said. She said it’s a revolving door that needs to be closed.

“And we’d like to close that door and get the people that need help treatment and services and hold those that need to be held accountable, accountable for their crimes,” Franklin said.

Another major focus of the group is fixing the Blake decision, which decriminalized nearly all drug possession in the state. The coalition is also focused on reforming policies that would give law enforcement more autonomy in the field and increase funding for social services and law enforcement. You can find more information at keepourcitiessafe.com.

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