Have you seen it? Bright red BBQ food truck stolen in Kent

A Kent business owner hopes you can help locate a very distinct stolen food truck.

KENT, Wash. — A hard to miss food truck from Kent is missing, and the owners are hoping you can help find it. De Davis showed up Tuesday to set up the K.C. Deez BBQ food truck in Kent. All he found was an empty space and a cut trailer lock.
"I drove all the way into the lot to see what was going on and noticed the parking block was thrown to the side," said Davis. "And one of our trailer locks was cut right in half, laying on the ground."
He called his business partner, Pete Becker, the only other person with the keys. He didn't have it.
The two say they are flabbergasted because of how unique their food truck is and say the thieves must have had a specific plan.
"I would think they had some plan to get it into a shop, get it wrapped, get it painted," said Becker.
The two had just spent thousands of dollars upgrading the tow package and tire system and paying their county license.
"You have to be knowing what you're getting yourself into when you take something like this," said Davis. "That's what's making it really frustrating for me, because it's taken us a few years to get this together."
On Tuesday before the trailer was stolen, De's uncle was there and said a guy was checking out the trailer for about 20 minutes. He took off, came back and asked the uncle questions about the trailer. They've given that information to Kent police and told them about the guy's distinct arm tattoos.
The equipment and business are fully insured, but getting a new truck fitted for barbecue and the licenses could take months, costing them the precious summer season.
Take a good look at the pictures of the distinct, stolen trailer. If you've seen it anytime since Tuesday evening, call Kent police.
"It's big and bold, red trailer, fire engine red," said Davis.  "You can't miss it."