Local Non-Profits Are Asking the Community to GiveBIG

Local Non-Profits Are Asking the Community to GiveBIG

GiveBIG Washington is a fundraising event that starts with early giving on April 15 and culminates with a 48-hour public campaign on May 5-6.

The GiveBIG Fundraising event reached its initial goal of $12 million Tuesday night. Click here for the story.

Through GiveBIG, individuals, businesses, and organizations come together to invest in healing our communities. You can support nonprofits providing food, shelter, health, and social services; fighting for a more just world; expanding our horizons through art and learning; and many more valued missions.

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GiveBIG provides an easy-to-use platform for donors to search, support, and donate to participating Washington state nonprofits.

Individuals can give to organizations, sign up to be a volunteer and pledge volunteer hours, attend events and create a FUNdraising page. GiveBIG makes it easy for you to find nonprofit organizations making an impact on causes you care about. You can search for organizations you want to support by names, the cause (animal welfare, arts, environment, housing,etc.) or by county.

NEW: In response to the pandemic, Congress now allows all taxpayers to deduct $300 of qualified cash contributions to tax-exempt public charities for 2020. This is an above-the-line deduction, meaning you don't have to itemize to claim the deduction.

Organizations supported by KIRO 7 CARES taking part in GiveBIG include: