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Matthew Smith anchors the live desk during KIRO 7’s morning news and reports for various shows. He’s a long-time runner and an avid outdoorsman. Born in Michigan, Matt is a long-suffering Detroit sports fan. He and his brothers grew up cheering on local sports teams, playing baseball and getting sent outside so they didn’t break anything indoors. Now an adult, Matt is still practicing not breaking cameras as he hikes his new surroundings in the Pacific Northwest while snapping photographs. Before coming to KIRO 7, Matt worked as both a reporter and anchor in various cities: Detroit, Omaha, El Paso and Beckley, West Virginia. Matt is a self-professed news nerd. While in Michigan, he was honored with an Emmy for Best Reporter by the Michigan Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in 2019 – he’s also won and been nominated for a variety of reporting and photography awards over the past decade. An early starter, Matt got into television as a high school student, convincing his hometown TV station to hire him as an intern in 2005 while he was dual-enrolled in college. He worked as a news writer, photographer and reporter throughout his college years and he’s stuck with news ever since. Matt has been spent a fair share of time on the road, being sent to various national news stories including wildfires, hurricanes and winter storms. While he’s packed his bags to report the news, Matt loves telling stories in his own community – noting that when the national news reporters leave town, local reporters continue to share real experiences right along with viewers following tough stories. In 2010, Matt covered the Upper Big Branch mine disaster that claimed 29 lives – he spent more than 36 hours reporting from the ground without break. If Matt isn’t at KIRO 7, you’ll likely find him exploring/hiking, cooking or trying a new craft beer. Matt moved to Seattle with his fiancée and two cats. He’s always connected to Facebook and Twitter.

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