Uber driver in Las Vegas attacked by passengers

LAS VEGAS — An Uber driver in Las Vegas said she was grateful to be alive after claiming her passengers assaulted her last week.

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“It was horrible,” Victoria Partridge told KVVU-TV. “I never in my life felt so terrified.”

What appeared to be a routine Uber drop-off turned into an attack on June 19 when several passengers began punching and attacking Partridge, KSNV-TV reported.

Partridge is an Uber XL driver who can transport six passengers in her van, according to the television station. She said she caught the incident on her video camera that is installed in the van.

The driver said she was approached by seven women for a ride and told them only six were allowed in her vehicle, KSNV reported.

“I turned around and I said, ‘Girls, I am sorry, I cannot give seven people a ride’ and they said, ‘Why,’ and I said, ‘Because it is against the law,’” Partridge told KVVU.

The women refused to leave the vehicle and pleaded with Partridge until she relented. The driver relented but added she was attacked when the van reached the women’s destination in North Las Vegas.

“The woman in the front seat when they started getting out, she splashed a drink in my face and then they started beating me up,” Partridge told KVVU.

While the attack lasted about 30 seconds, Partridge said the assault felt like it took more than an hour, KSNV reported.

“I was just trying to protect my eyes in the beginning, just because I didn’t want to get blind,” Partridge told the television station. “When the attack started getting harder, punching harder, then I started thinking that I’m gonna die. And when they left, I was just praying (to) God. Thank God I’m alive.”

Partridge added that her phone and tip jar were stolen, KVVU reported.

“Honestly, I thought I was going to die,” Partridge told the television station. “I was so scared.”

Partridge called 911 when she returned to her home and gave police details, KSNV reported. She also contacted Uber, and the company sent a follow-up text on Monday asking her to upload any photos or videos from the incident.

A spokesperson for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told the television station on Wednesday that the department has opened an investigation and would be contacting Partridge soon.

Partridge added that the woman who originally booked the ride gave a tip through Cash App before the ride began, meaning that she has the person’s contact information, KSNV reported.

Uber officials told Partridge that the company will cover all of her van’s repair expenses and put $5,000 into her Uber account, KVVU reported.

“This brutal attack against the driver is horrifying. The riders should be held accountable, and we look forward to helping the police with their investigation,” an Uber spokesperson told the television station in a statement. “Violence of any kind is not tolerated on the platform. As soon as the driver reported the incident to us, we began our investigation, deactivated the account holder, and have been in contact with the driver to offer our support.”

Partridge has started a GoFundMe page to cover her medical and legal expenses.