Coronavirus: CDC advice for reopening country scrapped by White House

A series of guidelines developed by the nation’s top disease experts to offer advice for reopening restaurants, schools and other public places was scrapped by the Trump administration, The Associated Press reported.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created the “Guidance for Implementing the Opening Up America Again Framework” to help business owners, faith leaders and local and state leaders as they reopen.

Scientists were told the guidelines, which were supposed to be published Friday, “would never see the light of day,” the AP reported.

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The documents contained detailed advice and flow charts for deciding to reopen schools, restaurants, summer and day camps, places of worship and other public places.

The guidance was simply advice that some state and local governments might have already put into place like limiting the amount of customers and adding space between tables at restaurants.

The CDC typically gives public and local officials guidance during health emergencies however, the agency has not had a regular, coronavirus-related briefing in more than two months. CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield does serve on the White House Coronavirus Task Force but is largely absent from public appearances.

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The guidelines, which were not cleared by CDC leaders for public release, contained information that appears on federal websites. However, the documents were to be used as a blueprint for other groups within the CDC working to create educational materials.

The White House’s “Opening Up America Again” guidelines mentioned schools and other organizations but were more vague than the CDC’s unpublished documents.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.