Seahawks fans cause $25K damage to Pioneer Square Pergola

SEATTLE — Seahawks fans celebrating the Super Bowl victory caused an estimated $20,000 - $25,000 damage to a century-old ornate glass archway called the Pergola in Seattle's Pioneer Square.

A Parks Department spokeswoman, Joelle Hammerstad, says people walking on top of the Pergola broke 20 glass planes. Each of the laminated panes has to be specially made at a cost of $800 or $900. In addition, she says climbers damaged copper flashing, which has to be replaced. And the whole thing will have to be spray-washed and painted to clean up graffiti.

See photos of the rioting and fires after the Super Bowl here.

Because it's an historic structure, the work has to be done to unique specifications.

The Pergola was originally built a century ago to cover an underground restroom. The whole structure was rebuilt after it was knocked down by a truck in 2001.

In King County felony intake court, there were also a few people who created mischief in the wake of the Seahawks championship.

One man was held on $80,000 bail because he was firing off a gun.

Police said they chased him and he tried to ditch the gun.