Student brings loaded gun to first day of school in Olympia

Capital High School Olympia

OLYMPIA, Wash. — An Olympia student was arrested on Wednesday after bringing a loaded handgun to campus at Capital High School.

Lieutenant Paul Lower from Olympia Police says they got a call from administrators at the high school.  The administrators were tipped off that a student arrived on campus with a concealed handgun. The school was then put on a lockdown.

While police were responding, Lower said they received another tip – this time from a student – who said the teen had the gun tucked in his waistband.

Once police arrived on campus, they tried to contact the student, but he took off running.

Police gave chase and they were able to arrest him and recover the loaded handgun

Capital High School posted an alert on its website saying the student never displayed the weapon, and did not threaten any student or staff.

Lower says the teen was booked into Thurston County juvenile detention for unlawful gun possession on a school campus and for resisting arrest.

School resumed classes the rest of the day.