Renton 11-year-old hit while crossing street to get to bus stop

An 11-year-old boy was crossing the street to get to a bus stop in Renton when he was hit by a vehicle.

Now his mother is determined to find the woman behind the wheel who hit the child and took off.

The little boy, Islam Yasser Emad Eldin, has a concussion and serious bruising, but no broken bones.

Islam said he only saw the vehicle that caused his bruises a split-second before he was hit Wednesday morning on South 26th Street in Renton.

“I saw lights on my jacket, so I tried to jump out of the street and she hit me before I could jump,” he said.

He was thrown to the ground while trying to cross the street to get to the bus stop near the corner.

The woman, he said, was turning left from Talbot Road onto 26th.

“I was hysterical,” his mother, Amanda Dass, said. “My son had just got hit by a car and whoever did it didn’t even have the common courtesy as a human being to call 911.”

Dass said Islam’s friends, who were at the bus stop, told her the woman got out of her car, swearing, said Islam shouldn’t have been in the road, tried to move him, and then said she had to move her car. Instead, she drove off.

“That’s horrible,” Dass said. “That’s horrifying.”

Islam said a friend picked him up and carried him out of the road.

“It’s just not OK and I need to know who did it,” Dass said.

Islam would like to know, too.

“I wish she just sat there with me,” he said, “because I was really feeling scared.”

The car is described as white, possibly a Subaru, potentially with some kind of roof rack or rails along the top.

Dass is asking anyone with information to call Renton police.

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