Man accused of shooting wife inside of Uber car held on $3 million bond

SEATTLE — Cameron Espitia is facing second-degree murder charges in the death of his wife Jennifer Espitia.

KIRO 7 took a look at the court documents and talked with people who know the Uber driver.

The Uber driver told police that Cameron and Jennifer Espitia started arguing inside of his car on Sunday. After the man shot his wife, he ordered the driver to keep going down the road.

Police eventually found Cameron just blocks away from the crime scene.

Court documents lay out what investigators believe happened inside the Uber driver's car.

Jennifer Espitia, 29, was riding in the front seat next to the driver and her 31-year-old husband, Cameron Espitia, sat in the backseat cursing at her.

Prosecutors believe that Cameron pulled a gun out of an ankle holster and shot his wife in the head.

KIRO 7 was there as police and dogs searched for her husband while questioning the Uber driver.

"The execution and the style of manner that this was done gives the state grave concern," said a prosecutor.

Cameron didn't say a word in court on Monday, July 3, not even when the judge set his bond at $3 million.

"It was Mr. Espitia in the backseat with the wife in the front passenger seat, and a gunshot to the back of her head killing her,” said a prosecutor.

A local business owner told KIRO 7 that the Uber driver, who is of Ethiopian descent, visits his shop in Seattle frequently.

"It was horrible. It shouldn't have happened for anybody,” said Menge Ayele. “I mean, it's not because he's Ethiopian – [or that] he's African or anything - this is very unfortunate and very sad. And we really feel horrible about this.”

KIRO 7 has learned that Cameron and Jennifer had only been married for a few years and lived just 10 miles away from the crime scene.

A college friend, who was at their wedding in Capitol Hill, described Jennifer as very pleasant, happy and fun.

Cameron underwent open heart surgery for a valve. The pictures posted online shows Jennifer by his side.

Tonight no one is home, their cars sit in the driveway, and Cameron sits in jail on suicide watch.


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