Missing Tennessee teen may be in Seattle area

AUBURN — In October 2019, John Oliver Westbrook of Tennessee was accused of kidnapping his 17-year-old daughter, Daphne Westbrook. Daphne, along with her dogs, Fern and Strawberry, failed to return home to Chattanooga from a weekend visit with her father.

Police believe Daphne is being held against her will and is unable to communicate to the outside world. She may be endangered both physically and mentally.

The suspect, John Oliver Westbrook, is an expert in IT specializing in security, block-chain technology and bitcoin. His methods of communication are nearly impossible to trace, making it extremely difficult for the police to generate any significant leads.

The police have learned he spent the first weeks of this year in Santa Fe, New Mexico and only three weeks ago he moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. This case was heavily publicized in the Denver area, and police believe he may attempt to seek shelter with a family member.

His sister, Krystalynn Westbrook Martin, lives in the Auburn area and works at Auburn Adventist Academy. Police confirm the sister is in frequent contact with her brother, but she refuses to cooperate with the ongoing investigation. The U.S. Marshals Service says she has also repeatedly refused interview requests.

Police believe the suspect and Daphne may have altered their appearances, including the use of hair dye and false teeth.

If you have seen Daphne, her father, or her dogs, please contact the Hamilton County, Tennessee DA’s office at 1-423-209-7425. Tips can also be submitted via email to FindingDaphne@hcdatn.org