Fears of 'big one' creep into Washington Google searches

Washingtonians are googling 'How to Survive an Earthquake' more frequently than other states, according to Estately.

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Here are the most popular questions in Washington state.

WASHINGTON:  How to bake salmon? / How to cook a wolf? / How to use a french press? / How to eat a fig? / How to be hot? / How to dab? / How to make hard cider? / How to compost? (tie w/ Colorado) / How to survive an earthquake?

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Estately wrote on its blog that it used Google Autocomplete to compile hundreds of the most common how-to questions that Americans type into the Google search bar.

Here are some other popular questions from Western States.

CALIFORNIA:  How to play "Stairway to Heaven"? / How to scare someone? / How to destroy a hard drive? / How to iron on patches? / How to play Dungeons and Dragons? / How to use dropbox? / How to use Github? / How to drive stick? / How to rig an election? / How to use hashtags? / How to use Reddit? / How to ruin everything? / How to spot a narcissist? / How to draw a circle? / How to build a time machine? / How to be a good boyfriend? / How to be a badass? / How to be a bartender? / How to be charming? / How to be good at math? / How to teleport? / How to be humble? / How to be invisible? / How to be vegan? / How to be rich? / How to stop global warming? / How to get your life together? / How to be an Uber driver? / How to convert to Islam? / How to join the KKK? / How to Crip Walk? / How to create change? / How to start a revolution? / How to jump rope? / How to troll? / How to get on Wheel of Fortune?

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COLORADO:  How to play backgammon? / How to grow marijuana? / How to compost? (tie w/Washington)

IDAHO:  How to address a letter? / How to cook quinoa? (tie w/ Vermont) / How to cook rice? / How to draw? / How to register to vote?

OREGON:  How to hack wifi? / How to make floral arrangements?


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