Bellevue police arrest 2 men after sex trafficking victim reaches out for help

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Two men were arrested in Bellevue after police said a sex trafficking victim reached out to a nonprofit saying she was in danger and needed help.

Investigators said two men forced the 16-year-old girl to take drugs and asked her to go on prostitution dates for pay.

According to police, the victim contacted a nonprofit called “Jesus Loves the Track,” which builds relationships with women who work in the sex industry, some being victims of human trafficking, by connecting them with resources and providing food, shelter and other supplies.

Through the nonprofit, police located the victim, who was hiding outside a hotel and got her medical attention.

Police said officers located and arrested 37-year-old Michael Ulrich, of Mountlake Terrace, and 50-year-old Quentin Hamilton, of Seattle.

According to police, officers arrested Ulrich as he entered his car. Hamilton was captured as he fled through the hotel room’s balcony and scaled down the side of the building.

After serving a search warrant on the hotel room, police found nearly 75 grams of suspected methamphetamine, heroin, narcotics, at least 300 pounds of copper wire and ID theft materials.

“We are committed to helping any victim of sex trafficking and are determined to track down and arrest the perpetrators,” said Capt. Shelby Shearer. “Our detectives received this tip late in the evening as they were heading home. They dropped everything to meet the victim and make sure she received the help she wanted,” Shearer added.

The suspects have been charged with commercial sexual abuse of a minor, two counts of violation of the uniform controlled substances act and second-degree identify theft.

“We appreciate the trust our partners place in us and will continue to work with them to help eliminate sex trafficking. We want all victims to know that we are here to help,” Shearer stated.

Police said they have recovered five juvenile sex trafficking victims in the past six weeks.