Bald eagle lands on Mariners pitcher James Paxton during national anthem

With Mariners pitcher James Paxton holding his hat over his heart, an eagle landed on his shoulder during the national anthem.

Paxton, a Canadian with the nickname Big Maple, played it cool as talons clung to his shoulder – even standing up straight with the bird at one point before it flew away.

The patriotic scene in Minneapolis sparked awe across Twitter before the Minnesota Twins game.

The eagle’s name is Challenger. Usually, the eagle does the pre-game fly-in ceremony, but it decided to go rogue when landing on Paxton.

CBS Sports note that Challenger is apparently an esteemed member of the American Eagle Foundation and has taken his talents to five World Series, plenty of other huge sporting events and even Disney's Animal Kingdom), so Thursday's slip-up was pretty out of the ordinary for him.

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