Rainier Teriyaki reopens more than two months after deadly armed robbery

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SEATTLE — It’s been over two months since the owner of Rainier Teriyaki was shot and killed inside his restaurant during an armed robbery. Police say Hansoo Kim was shot in the chest and died at Harborview Medical Center.

“My dad jumped right in front of the gun. And the dude shot my dad right in the chest,” Juyoung Kim, Hansoo’s son, said.

Family told KIRO 7 Kim had worked at the property for more than 10 years, but he had only been the owner for one. Juyoung says his father was a great man who knew what truly mattered in life.

“He worked six days a week. Ten to 12 hours a day, every single day for the past 10 years,” Kim said. “He was a man that completely understood his responsibilities as a father. As a husband. As a son. As a brother. You name it.”

Both Juyoung and his uncle have taken over as owners of the restaurant and for the first time since the tragedy, opened their doors to the public. But before they opened, Juyoung says there were times they weren’t sure if they could do this.

“My dad’s younger brother, he was the one that said, ‘Hey, you need to stay strong. We need to run the restaurant again,’” Juyoung said.

Juyoung says they weren’t expecting a huge turnout when they first reopened, but thanks to a TikTok posted during the week, they saw a huge jump in business. He says they have gotten so many people coming in that at times, they have had to close in order to prep more food.

“We had to close several times to prep. Because we weren’t ready for all of these people to come!” Juyoung said.

KIRO 7 noticed business continued to boom throughout the afternoon. Those who were aware of what happened offered condolences to the Kim family as they knew how much the restaurant has meant to so many people.

“We are so happy to see you open,” one customer told Juyoung.

And as they continue to take orders, Juyoung believes the response from the community shows how much his father’s legacy will live on.

“Knowing that my dad was more than a regular person, you know. He didn’t just waste his life working his butt off. Knowing that he left a huge imprint on the community with his cooking, his personality … it just makes me so happy,” Juyoung said.

“Knowing that they loved my dad as much as we did, it was so … heartwarming, you know?” Juyoung said. “I’m just glad my dad can finally rest. Knowing how hard he truly worked.”

KIRO 7 reached out to Seattle police for any updates on the case and are still waiting to hear back.