Homeless veterans protest 'sweep' by city of Seattle

By: Deedee Sun


SEATTLE - Homeless veterans living in RV's near the Veteran's Hospital on Beacon Hill protested the city of Seattle's planned clean-up, or "sweep" of their homeless encampment Sunday night. 

Many of the veterans say they live near the V-A because they need treatment for chronic diseases, and even cancer. 

On Friday, many received tickets on their RV's and cars, citing complaints, saying they need to move their vehicles out of the block, or they will be towed. 

"Please let us have this place, we need this, the veterans need this," Vietnam veteran Joel Fuer told KIRO 7's Deedee Sun about the clean-up efforts. "We live in the streets in our homes because that's all we have," Fuer said. 

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Many of the veterans explained that their vehicles do not run, and are the only thing keeping them from sleeping on the street. 

While the city of Seattle's parking authority has said a "sweep" was not happening tonight, the veterans who live here are unclear on what's next. 

The city of Seattle's Director of Homelessness told Deedee Sun that he plans to talk to Seattle Police on Monday morning to determine why Sunday night's "sweep" was canceled, and what the future holds for the veterans who live in the area. 

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