• FORECAST: Afternoon Rain Friday

    By: Claire Anderson

    • Increasing clouds, wind & rain
    • A few showers & sunbreaks Saturday
    • Mostly sunny on Sunday

    Happy Friday! After some nice sunrise shots, we'll see some increasing clouds and eventually some wind and rain. The first part of your day looks fairly calm, but this afternoon we'll turn breezy to windy with sustained wind around 15-30 mph and gusts near 40 mph.  Rain should increase closer to the afternoon and evening commute and stick around into the overnight hours. It won't be a super wet night, but expect showers at least.  Highs will be in the low-60s.

    Tomorrow we'll have some lingering showers and maybe even some convergence zone rain early.  From there I expect partly sunny skies with just a few showers here and there. It won't be super wet, so any games or practices you have scheduled should mainly be okay.  However, do expect to have to play in some showers here and there.  Highs will be in the upper-50s.

    Sunday looks mostly sunny with warmer temps staying above average in the low-60s.  Look for some increasing rain on Monday and then showers on Tuesday.

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