Drivers disregard: WSDOT testing signage for SR 99 Tunnel

VIDEO: Drivers disregard: WSDOT testing signage for SR 99 Tunnel

SEATTLE — You could see some mixed messages during your commute if you take the SR 99 tunnel Thursday.

The Washington State Department of Transportation says it’s testing its signs for tolling in November.

Drivers will notice symbols displayed on toll signs near the tunnel.  WSDOT said the symbols are part of an all-day systems test, but wants drivers to know that no vehicles will be tolled.

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After Thursday's one-day test, similar testing will restart as early as next week and continue on and off for about a month.

Tolling for the SR 99 Tunnel begins Saturday, Nov. 9.

With a Good to Go! pass, tolls will range from $1 to $2.25.  Drivers without a pass will pay $2 more per trip.

"All of our transponders, our passes, work on all of our toll facilities, so if you already have an account and you already have a pass you are all ready to use the tunnel,” said Patty Rubstello with WSDOT.

WSDOT said so far, it has given away 4,000 free Good To Go! sticker passes. There are 45,000 free passes left, and once they're gone, they'll cost $5 each.  You can request a free pass at this link.

The tunnel carries about 80,000 cars a day. Once tolling begins in November, studies shows half of those drivers could opt for surface streets instead.