Statewide emphasis patrol this weekend for 'Move Over Law'

Washington State Patrol troopers will be looking for drivers who don't move over when passing stopped emergency vehicles or a work zone.

According to the State Patrol, the "Move Over Law" applies to approaching emergency zones. The law was recently updated and now includes work zones. It requires that vehicles approaching an emergency or work zone should proceed with caution, slow down, and if safe, move over or change lanes.

An emergency or work zone vehicle includes:

  • Authorized emergency vehicle using audible or visual signals
  • Tow truck making use of visual red lights
  • Other vehicles providing roadside assistance using warning lights
  • Police vehicle displaying a flashing, blinking, or alternating emergency light.
  • Stationary or slow moving highway construction or maintenance vehicle, solid waste vehicle, or utility service vehicle making use of flashing or warning lights.

An emergency or work zone is the adjacent lanes of the roadway, and includes two hundred feet before and after the emergency or work zone vehicle.

WSP says in the last three years, 86 patrol cars were hit and 32 troopers injured while they were pulled over to write a ticket or issue a citation.

The State Patrol will have extra troopers on the road across the state from Friday to Sunday enforcing the law.  Drivers who are caught violating it could be fined $214. The citation cannot be waived or reduced.