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    If you would like to contact KIRO 7 or kiro7.com, you can call us, or write to us by snail mail or by e-mail. Please read the tips below to determine where you should direct your e-mail.

    KIRO 7 News
    2807 Third Avenue
    Seattle, WA 98121
    Phone: (206) 728-7777

    *If you are looking for a video segment from the newscast and could not find it on our website please contact Cision at 800-621-0561 to purchase a taped copy of the show. You can also reach Cision at the company's website.

    E-Mail Tips:

    If you have a news item you'd like to share with KIRO 7 News, or want to let us know about a breaking news event in your area, select "News Tips."

    • If you have a comment regarding a KIRO 7 News newscast or on-air news story, select "News Comments."
    • To suggest an idea for a KIRO 7 News Consumer report, select "Consumer Tips."
    • If you would like to comment on a non-news program on KIRO 7, select "Programming."
    • If you have a comment regarding CBS network programming, visit the network Web site.
    • If you would like to comment on stories or navigation on the kirotv.com Web site, select "Web Staff."
    • If you would like information about advertising opportunities on KIRO 7 or kirotv.com, select "KIRO 7/kirotv.com Sales."
    • If you would like information about public service announcements, events, job shadows, auction contributions and community involvement, please contact "Community Relations."
    • If you want to contact us about closed captioning, click here for contact information.


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