Seattle Kraken

New Seattle Kraken mascot to be announced on Saturday

The Seattle Kraken teased the release of their new mascot with a video on the Climate Pledge Arena jumbotron during the team’s first preseason game of the new season.

The announcement is expected to happen Saturday.

The video was later posted on the team’s Twitter account.

In the video, three young fans are assigned to find a new mascot for the Kraken. Kraken center Morgan Geekie called in the Mariner Moose, Seattle Storm mascot Doppler, and Seattle Sounders mascot Sammy to help the search.

Even former Seattle Supersonics All-Star Detlef Schrempf made an appearance to pitch the idea of Supersonics mascot Squatch as the Kraken’s next mascot.

“But the Sonics will come back to Seattle one day,” one of the young fans said. Climate Pledge Arena exploded in cheers after that comment.

The young fans insisted the Kraken mascot has to be new and something the fans will love.

While the Kraken did not have a mascot last year, joining the New York Rangers as the only mascot-less franchises, a dedicated fan made numerous home appearances dressed as Zoidberg, a squid-like humanoid with crab claws for hands from the animated comedy Futurama.

But, an octopus mascot does exist in the NHL. Al the Octopus hangs from the rafters as a good luck charm for the Detroit Red Wings in the postseason. That tradition started in Detroit in 1952 when two fans threw an octopus onto the ice to represent the eight playoff wins needed to win the Stanley Cup at the time.

The Seattle Kraken might go in a different direction as Al the Octopus has never been a costumed mascot, due to the impracticality of such a complicated outfit.

Center Matty Beniers, the second overall pick in the 2021 NHL draft, scored the opening goal in Seattle’s 3-0 win over the Edmonton Oilers in its first preseason game. Beniers logged nine points in his first 10 regular season games last spring, proving his value as the first player drafted in the franchise’s young history.

Centers Ryan Donato and Geekie also scored in Seattle’s preseason debut.

Seattle’s second exhibition game is against the Calgary Flames tonight at 7:00 p.m. at Climate Pledge Arena.