Richard Sherman fields questions from hospital bed after surgery

VIDEO: Richard Sherman answers questions after surgery

SEATTLE — Pro Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman took to YouTube to talk with fans before the Seahawks play Atlanta Monday.

After what happened last week against Arizona, Sherman underwent surgery Wednesday in Green Bay, Wisconsin, to repair the ruptured Achilles tendon.

"The comeback definitely starts now,” said Sherman from his hospital bed. “They won't let me walk on it right now, so I guess the comeback really starts in two or three months. But I'm going to do core all the way. My core is going to be right, that's for sure."

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Sherman said he should be ready for football activities by May or June.

"I had a chance to talk to Richard yesterday, he sounded a little groggy but they were really happy with the way they went about it,” said Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. “It is going to give him a chance to get back in months, which is really nice."

And with Sherman out, Jeremy Lane will get the start at left cornerback against the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football.

"I think he's had a crazy year; from a guy who was traded and then came back and we didn't treat him like he left, and we didn't treat him like he was anything different,” Bobby Wagner, a Seahawks linebacker, said. “We have so much respect for him, and for him to get this opportunity to kind of show what he's been wanting to show all this time, is going to be fun."

“We are very fortunate to have Jeremy Lane with us and ready to play,” said Carroll. “And now, Shaq [Griffin] has become a starter, Jeremy has legitimately been a starter so we couldn't be much more fortunate than that, to have a guy step up and a guy that has been around the program and all that."

Sherman planned on flying back to Seattle Thursday, and will be with the guys for the game against Atlanta Monday. He plans on doing a lot of coaching from the sidelines.