Seattle Seahawks

Report: Seahawks traveling more than any other team this season

The Seattle Seahawks are set to acquire more frequent flier miles than any other team this season, according to Bill Speros, a sports columnist for the Boston Herald.

According to the report, the Seahawks will travel 29,446 miles on eight road trips.

The Seahawks will be crossing a total of 34 time zones, including the nine each way for their game in Germany on Nov. 13.

To put that in perspective, the distance around the Earth at the equator is only 24,901 miles.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are traveling the fewest miles this season, with only 6,442 miles.

The Steelers are also scheduled to never leave the East Coast for any regular-season games and will not cross any time zones this season.

The full NFL schedule is set to be released May 12.