• West Seattle parents try to raise money to keep teacher

    By: Deborah Horne


    SEATTLE - UPDATE: According to their crowdfunding page, the group has met their 90k goal!


    It is anger that a couple dozen parents said brought them out to Admiral and California Avenue on an overcast Sunday in West Seattle.

    They are angry over the way the Seattle School district is handling the news that its smaller-than-expected enrollment will cost the district more than $4-million in state dollars. 

    The district's solution? To "reassign" teachers and in some cases, let teachers go.


    Parent Roy King says he has never before joined a protest like this but, "I'm frustrated,” he said. “And this is something I could do."

    He and the rest of the parents believe the district's decision will hurt those they are charged with educating: their children. 

    He accuses the district of "unfortunate seeming lack of foresight in planning and communication."

    Parent Emily Anderson agrees.

    "I don't believe that we should be out here needing to do this." she said. "Or needing to fundraise dollars to try to keep one of our first grade teachers."

    Nevertheless, Anderson is helping raise the $90,000 needed to keep the teacher at Alki Elementary.

    One parent, the owner of "The Mission" restaurant, is donating 20% of his Sunday receipts to the fund.  But he isn't happy.

    "I thought that was what we were paying for in like taxes and everything like that," said Peter Morse. "I thought that was already there. But now we have to do more to do exactly what we were promised."

    The parents say they have already raised $13,000 in an online crowd funding campaign.

    But they have just four days to make their ultimate $90,000 goal.

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