Washington state is 'feeling the Bern'

SEATTLE — In Washington state, you can "feel the Bern" more than the billionaire. More campaign contributions have gone to Bernie Sanders than any other candidate, Democratic or Republican.

Sanders has brought in $1,683,241 so far. "He's doing it the right way, having the people support him, not the Super PACs," said Sanders supporter Lisa Cook.




Seattle is among the top-five metropolitan areas for Sanders donations.

Microsoft employees gave the Vermont senator $36,937. Amazon workers contributed $24,878 to the Sanders campaign.

Relatively few Washington state residents have given Sanders the maximum allowed by law with most contributing under $100.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has raised $1,576,100 in Washington state.

"Trying to combat some of the larger money out there … that's coming from large Republican donors," said Clinton donor Barry Spector.

While Donald Trump says he's self-funding his campaign, his website is collecting donations. In Washington state, Trump has raised $33,897.

Some of the biggest Trump donors, including former Microsoft visionary Charles Simonyi, were not interested in talking on camera. Sen. Ted Cruz has raised $558,716 from Washington state residents.

As the campaign to the White House marches on, the closest you will get to Republicans campaigning in Washington state is on conservative Michael Medved's Seattle-based syndicated radio show.

Today, Medved spoke by phone with Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio, who was campaigning in his home state of Florida.

"Ever since 1988, every single election, like clockwork, we vote Democratic. That's why the only campaign attention we get from any of these candidates is to get money, not to get votes," said Medved.

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