• Video shows teacher getting pepper sprayed by officer

    By: Web Staff


    New video shows Seattle Police pepper-spraying a prominent teacher after a "black lives matter" rally as he talked on the phone.           

    On Wednesday, Jesse Hagopian filed a half-million dollar claim against the city.           

    Hagopian's attorney, James Bible, said he was "pepper sprayed irrationally by a police officer, no provocation and no reason."     

    (Warning: Graphic language in full video)      


    The incident happened in South Lake Union after a rally on Martin Luther King, Junior Day.           

    Hagopian had just finished speaking at the demonstration and was walking through an area where police were dispersing demonstrators when his phone rang.           

    His mother had called to make arrangements to pick him up for his son's birthday party.           

    "Soon after I answered the call I felt the piercing pain shoot through my eye," Hagopian said.           

    Seattle Police did not respond to KIRO 7's requests for comment.           

    Mayor Ed Murray's office issued a statement saying that the city has a comprehensive incident review system, set up in conjunction with the Department of Justice.           

    "The uses of force that occurred during the MLK protests are currently under review and being investigated," the statement said. 

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