• VIDEO: Dog greeted by orca whale in Washington waters


    A video taken last Sunday in Western Washington shows orca whales swimming by a boat with an excited yellow lab on board.

    Jaycee and Kate Butler were on their 22-foot boat last just north of San Juan Island when the orca swam by and slapped her tail against the water.

    The dog, Sailor “usually barks at other dogs, but this time he didn’t bark at all,” Kate Butler said Thursday. “He was just wagging his tail. My husband was holding onto him because he wanted to jump in.”

    Their boat was floating with the motor off when the orca whale on the video and others approached.

    The Butlers knew there were whales nearby, but had no idea the whales were coming so close. Their boat had the motor off before the video was taken.

    “They swam up to us,” Butler said. “It was amazing.”

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