• Victims' families, investigators outraged that man could be set free

    By: Dave Wagner


    SEATTLE, Wash. - It was a barroom scene of robbery, rape and murder that terrified Seattle in June of 1980.  Two women, bound with electrical and telephone cords, were hung from the bathroom stall by their necks.  Another woman was raped and killed.  Two men were forced into a walk-in cooler, then shot to death.  The two robbers got away with $1,500. 

    The scene at the Barn Door Tavern still traumatizes Rep. Dave Reichert who was a young detective at the time.  "The images of that night still remain with me," said Reichert.

    On Friday, Reichert and family members of the victims testified before a state committee.  They are outraged that one of the men responsible for crimes, Tim Pauley, could be released early.  “We have a monster here,” said Reichert.

    In the audience was Margaret Dowell.  She survived the attack.  Her daughter recalled the horror.

    "Pauley opens up this cooler door and puts a .357 magnum handgun to our father's head and pulls the trigger," said Angie Dowell.

    The two men convicted of the crimes received life sentences, "When you are told ‘life,’, you believe that he is going to be spending the rest of his life in prison," said Dowell.

    State corrections officials describe Tim Pauley as a model inmate and he is now being considered for early release. Family members are outraged that the parole board failed to let them know that Pauley’s “life in prison” sentence, could end when he is just 59 years old. 

    Heather Oie is the daughter of the Barn Door Tavern owners and says the Indeterminate Sentencing Review Board has failed victims and their families.  "The ISRB spends 110 percent of their efforts supporting, coddling and catering to aggravated murderers," said Oie.

    As she was leaving the state hearing, Angie Dowell said she is "hopeful" that the parole board will do a better job of keeping victims and families informed.  She has little hope that her father's killer will stay in prison. Tim Pauley could be released in as early as 27 months.

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