• Vandals destroy hundreds of boxes of Girl Scout cookies


    MONROE, Wash. - Vandals broke into a Monroe garage and zeroed in on hundreds of boxes of Girl Scout cookies, destroying them and trashing everything else in the garage within reach.

     Early Sunday morning, Jeff and Dee Brown found three teenagers in their garage. They crushed the cookies into the ground or poured motor oil, laundry detergent or paint on the boxes before running away.

     Dee Brown is responsible for the $2,500 worth of Girl Scout cookies meant to raise money for the organization.

     “I was shocked. I was heartbroken.  It’s something I just don’t understand,” said Dee Brown.

     “You know their only shot to go to camp every year is to sell these Girl Scout cookies. So to take that away from them is pretty rough,” said Jeff Brown.

     The family suffered some losses  of its own --  paint was splashed on a scooter, stroller, bike and telescope. 

     Though the Browns have insurance, they’ll still have to pay their $500 deductible.

     Jeff Brown said he hopes police catch the teens responsible and they're made to pay for what they've done -- by not just replacing the money lost, but by helping the Girl Scouts.

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