Vader couple plead guilty to manslaughter in child death case

Vader couple plead guilty to manslaughter in child death case
Brenda A. Wing (27) Lewis County Superior Court. Nov. 2014  Courtesy:  Lewis County Sirens

VADER, Wash. — The Vader couple accused of killing  3-year-old Jasper Henderling-Warner in October 2014 have taken plea deals. Originally they were charged with homicide by abuse, but by pleading guilty to manslaughter and assault of a child, they lower their  sentencing range to 12 to 16 years.

According to court documents, Brenda Wing has added charges for heroin possession and witness tampering for allegedly contacting a witness and telling them what to say.  Wing's trial was scheduled to begin next week but she pleaded guilty to manslaughter Thursday. She is scheduled to be sentenced later this month.
Wing offers no specifics to the abuse and only says as an accomplice her actions recklessly caused the death of Jasper  and also as an accomplice caused substantial suffering for an extended amount of time, causing considerable suffering for a child.
Danny Wing pleaded guilty to charges of manslaughter and third-degree assault of a child last month.  In the agreement, he would have had to testify in Brenda's trial. He is scheduled to be sentenced in August.
Brenda Wing made the 911 call Oct. 5 after she found Jasper unresponsive.  In her statement to police, she says she tried to wake him up with a cold bath and that is when she realized his body was covered with makeup to hide bruising.
Danny Wing, who has an extensive criminal background, had just been released from jail three days prior to Jasper's death.  Based on the timeline and injuries, police say it was the Wings' continued abuse and neglect that killed Jasper.  In a statement to the court, Danny Wing admitted to hitting Jasper with an open hand, which caused extensive swelling and teeth knocked out.
According to the coroner's report, Jasper suffered from abrasions on the back of his head, trauma to his face and bruises on his extremities. He was missing two front teeth and suffered from skin infections. X-rays revealed fractures that were only weeks old.
Jasper's mother, Nicole Warner, claims she was homeless at the time and gave him to the Wings to care for while she got her life together, and she produced a note signed by the Wings that established them as guardians for one year, according to court documents.  Little is known what transpired the last couple of months before Jasper's death. His mother told investigators the Wings were avoiding her calls or always making excuses why they couldn't take him to see her.  Warner told authorities she last saw Jasper in mid-September.
Lewis County Sheriff Steve  Mansfield said at the time the Wings were arrested, "To think this poor little boy went through months of pain and suffering is heart-wrenching. This case is a solemn reminder of the sickening and tragic consequences surrounding a life of drugs, alcohol and abuse. We are working hard to ensure justice is served and those responsible for his death are held accountable."
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