• Tunnel machine 'Brenda' to finish light rail leg to Roosevelt station


    SEATTLE - One of Seattle's other tunnel boring machines, known as “Brenda,” is completed its path and punched through the last few feet of dirt near the Roosevelt transit station Tuesday.

    The tunnel machine, a smaller version of Bertha, has tunneled from Northgate to the Roosevelt neighborhood.

    Brenda moves about five feet every hour to 90 minutes and was expected to break through Tuesday morning, but it had to stop periodically to cool down to prevent overheating.

    Its sister tunneling machine, “Pamela,” is digging from Northgate to Husky Stadium

    Sound Transit link light rail trains are scheduled to be running on those routes in 2021.

    The Northgate Link Extension will connect the Northgate, Roosevelt and U-District neighborhoods to downtown Seattle and the airport.

    Construction on the extension began in fall of 2012.

    Meanwhile, a major concrete pour will get underway at the University District Station construction site in Seattle Tuesday night.

    Crews will be pouring concrete inside the light rail station construction wall.

    That work is expected to take until midnight to complete.  Residents should expect some extra noise from trucks in the area.

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