• Tumwater teen jailed for threats of mass shooting

    By: Richard Thompson


    TUMWATER, WA - Thurston county Deputy Prosecutor Wayne Graham tells KIRO-7  a 14 year old boy threatened to shoot up Tumwater's Black Hills high school. "He made threats about coming to the school and doing a mass shooting," said Graham.


    Prosecutors say the teen talked about the threats with a friend who then reported the situation to police. Tumwater police went to the boy's home and according to prosecutors found an assault style rifle, pistol grip shotgun, and 9mm handgun along with ammuniton. The prosecutor say the boy also had gunpowder, modfified shotgun shells and fireworks that could be used to construct explosives.    Graham told KIRO-7 the teen also had a hand drawn map of the school and a fascination with the Columbine shootings. "He had done a lot of research in regards to the Columbine shooting and he had indicated he admired the two men involved in that."


    At a court hearing Tuesday the teen's mother Maya Blackburn told the judge her son is not a threat.  "My son has had some depression issue and I think this was just a cry for help and attention," said the boy's mother.


    Alexis Meadows is a classmate of the suspect at Black Hills High and says he never seemed threatening. "I thought he was really nice and he didn't seem crazy at all."


    Theresa Leupold works in the school cafeteria and admits the situation is disturbing telling KIRO-7 "He seems like a nice quiet kid. They say you never suspect that, one, person."


    Other students at Black Hills say the allegations are downright frightening. Drake Chisholm said "It makes me remember the past shootings and schools and it makes me wonder if Black Hills is safe anymore."


    A Thurston county Juvenile court judge found probable cause to hold the teen on two counts of Felony Harassment and two counts of Illegal Posssession of a Firearm. The judge also ordered the boy held in custody and he must undergo a mental health evaluation.

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