• Tumwater dog saves homeless owner


    Tumwater - A man and his dog – for Buddy and his owner, there’s no tighter bond.

    On Dec. 14, Buddy was brought into Thurston Animal Services as a stray – but now, he’s a hero – for the second time.

    Click here to read about Buddy's first rescue.

    When Buddy came in, staff recognized the dog as belonging to a man in a Tumwater homeless camp. He has been in roughly 11 times over the past six years. 

    Usually, Buddy’s owner comes to pick him up right away – but not this time.

    The staff grew concerned and went to check on the man. They have helped the dog and owner before and knew that the dog’s owner has health issues.

    They found Buddy’s owner critically ill and immobile at the homeless camp.

    The man is in the hospital recovering.

    Buddy saved his owner’s life a year or two ago when the owner put a “Help me!” note on Buddy and sent him out to find a rescuer. 

    The note said in big letters, “Help.” Then on one side said, “Send help. No joke. Cannot walk,” and on the other side it said, “Medicine not working. Need doctor.”

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