When will your state reach coronavirus peak? Find out here

Coronavirus outbreak: What you need to know

While many areas are still practicing social distancing and self-quarantine, the number of cases that are expected to happen in the U.S. is expected not to be as bad as originally thought.

On Monday, the model being used to predict how many people will get, and potentially die from the virus, estimated that the virus will kill 81,766, or about 12,000 fewer than originally predicted, CNN reported.

Johns Hopkins and The Associated Press have been tracking the number of cases on a county by county basis.

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With the number of expected deaths going down, the peaks are going to be hit earlier than originally planned, according to CNN.

So when will your state hit its highest number of positive cases?

NPR has come up with a tool that can give you an idea. All you do is choose your state from a dropdown menu. Keep in mind, the dates and number of cases can vary. It may also change depending on the information available, NPR warns.

The NPR tool predicts the peak to hit April 9 in New York. California is expected to hit its peak April 17 with Massachusetts hitting the peak the next day.