Watch grizzly bear take bubble bath at the Denver Zoo

DENVER — Tundra, a grizzly bear at the Denver Zoo, was captivated by the bubbles in her latest bath. 

Zookeepers shared video Wednesday of Tundra exploring her normal bathtub setup as a makeshift kiddie-pool.

"This type of enrichment is particularly fun because it encourages Tundra to investigate, and to cool off on hot summer days like today," zookeepers said on social media. 

The temperatures in Denver on Wednesday reached the mid-90s, according to weather reports

Tundra was orphaned as a cub after her birth in 2002 and brought to the Denver Zoo. 

“She is willing to explore and can be mischievous,” the zoo said about Tundra. “She is very smart and works to ‘solve’ puzzles and the enrichment items she is given.”