Trump had two drops in oxygen level

WASHINGTON — Dr. Sean Conley said that the president suffered from multiple drops in his blood oxygen level, clearing up a discrepancy from Saturday.

President Donald Trump’s oxygen dropped to 94% Friday morning and then again to 93% Saturday morning before it returned to normal, Conley said.

Conley said Trump’s oxygen level never dropped below 90. He called the drop a “transient and limited issue.” His current level is 98%.

Conley said they continue to track damage to lungs and other organs but have not seen anything of clinical concern.

“I was trying to reflect the upbeat attitude of the team, that the president, that his course of illness has had. Didn’t want to give any information that might steer the course of illness in another direction,"” Conley said. “And in doing so, came off like we’re trying to hide something, which wasn’t necessarily true. The fact of the matter is that he’s doing really well.”