Surfer in California kicked a shark’s head during attack, survives

ARCATA, Calif. — A surfer in California said he kicked a shark’s head during an attack and was able to survive.

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According to the Times-Standard, Jared Trainor, 31, has been surfing for about 10 years and after hearing from a co-worker about the waves at Centerville Beach in northern California, he went to check them out last Sunday. When he got there, he paddled out to some waves, sat on his board and waited for more waves.

According to the Times-Standard per The Associated Press, it was then an animal had grabbed Trainor’s right leg and his board with its jaws.

The Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department confirmed on Facebook that they were called out to Centerville Beach for reports of a shark or seal attack. They confirmed that a shark was involved.

“To our recollection of our membership, we have not had an incident like this. This is a reminder that there are many hazards to be aware of when you are at the beach,” said FVFD.

The Times-Standard per the AP said Trainor went underwater and grabbed the head of the shark. He then kicked it in the head with his left leg until the shark let him go. Eventually, he was able to swim away. Once on the beach, another surfer found Trainor and was calling for help.

Trainor was taken to the hospital for treatment. His wounds spanned about 19 inches long or the length of the shark’s mouth, according to the Times-Standard per the AP.