South Dakota girl goes viral on TikTok after chugging wine during first communion

BRANDON, S.D. — In the Catholic faith, first communion is a religious milestone. A South Dakota girl made it even more memorable during a ceremony last month.

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Brynley Heidebrink received the host from Father Andrew Young at the Risen Savior Catholic Church in Brandon on April 23. But when the priest offered the 7-year-old the chalice of wine, which Catholics believe to be the blood of Christ, the girl drank -- deeply.

Heidebrink first took a sip, then another gulp, and then finally chugged the wine, the Argus Leader reported.

The child’s mother, Stefanie Heidebrink, filmed the event and posted it on social media.

“My daughter slamming her first communion wine,” Stefanie Heidebrink posted on TikTok.

@stefanie_heidebrink My daughter slamming her 1st communion wine 🤣🤣**original sound** DONT take this down again Tiktok!!! 🙄🙄 #likemotherlikedaughter #proudmom #thatsmygirl #allthelaughs #whoops @afvofficial @ellendegeneres @jimmyfallon @abcnews @brittanyaldean @cbsnews @fallontonight @kellyclarksonshow @vancityreynolds @taylorswift @Barstool Sports @Jimmy Kimmel Live ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

The somber event was punctured with some good-humored laughter, which was made even more special when Young became flustered before finally laughing.

The video has racked up plenty of views on TikTok. Stefanie Heidebrink asked her daughter why she decided to take a big swallow of the wine.

“I said, ‘Well, why did you keep drinking?’ And she’s like, ‘I don’t know.’ I’m like, ‘Well, did you like the taste?’ And she goes, ‘No,’” Heidebrink told the Argus Leader.

Heidebrink said her daughter was nervous before receiving the host and chalice and kept asking her how much wine should she drink.

“I said, ‘Just let it touch your lips, just tip it back,’” Stefanie Heidebrink told the newspaper. “You don’t even have to take a sip.”

Brynley Heidebrink took more than a sip, then turned and walked nonchalantly back to her seat.

“Next thing I know, I’m watching her just keep on going with the chalice,” Stefanie Heidebrink told the Argus Leader. “I was laughing and you can hear me in the video. I’m saying like, ‘Oh my God. Stop drinking.’”