Nurses save woman’s life on flight to Florida

A handful of nurses who did not know each other and all happened to be on the same plane sprang into action and saved a woman’s life during a flight from Texas to Florida.

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Kristen Patterson, a Texas nurse, was on a flight from Dallas to Florida when about 10 minutes after takeoff a woman starting having a seizure, KWES reported.

“I heard someone yell ‘we need a medical professional,’” Patterson said. “‘Is there a doctor on board? Is there a nurse, anyone?’ And so I jumped over the guy who was next to me, because I was in the middle seat, and ran to it.”

However, she had to get in line, as there were four other nurses within three rows who also jumped in to help. The woman was having a seizure and her heart stopped beating at one point. The women were able to get her heart pumping again.

“By the time I got there, there were two girls holding the young woman,” Patterson said. “She was having a seizure. When I got to her she was actively seizing so we had turned her on her side, and they had her body, I had her head. We were able to get blankets. I carry blankets everywhere with me, and so I shoved all my blankets underneath her head to protect her.”

The flight made an emergency landing in New Orleans. Paramedics took the woman to a hospital, the nurses celebrated saving her life with a round of shots.

“We worked so well as a team, especially because we didn’t even know each other’s names until we got into New Orleans, so it worked really well,” Patterson said. “It could’ve gone south really quick but it went so well, and I think, I really think it was a God thing the way we were positioned in the plane and how quickly and how well we worked together. It was just amazing.”