No charges for Florida man who pulled out gun during confrontation with protesters, police say

TALLAHASSEE — A Florida man who pulled out a gun during a confrontation with Black Lives Matter protesters Saturday during a demonstration at the state Capitol will not face charges because he was defending himself, investigators said.

Tallahassee police said a white man in a blue checkered shirt entered the crowd and started “documenting” the protest. He was pushed from behind by a white protester. The altercation escalated and the man was pushed to the ground by several other white demonstrators, police said. The man then brandished a firearm and officers intervened, taking him into custody.

“The evidence confirmed the physical altercation between numerous protesters and that the individual was knocked to the ground and under attack before lawfully defending himself,” officials said in a press release. “TPD confirmed that the individual with the gun was lawfully carrying a concealed weapon as a license holder. Fortunately, (officers) intervened before the altercation escalated. Based on the totality of evidence, no assault charges have been applied to any of the individuals involved in the fight or the individual with the gun.”