‘Last call’: Dodge to end current versions of Charger, Challenger models

It’s an end of an era for Dodge.

The automaker has announced that the current versions of its Charger and Challenger models will end with the 2023 model years, multiple media outlets are reporting.

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CNBC reported that the move is to make way for Dodge’s electric vehicles.

The Charger and Challenger were popular in the 1960s and 1970s but then were discontinued until the mid-2000s, CNBC reported.

The current Challenger was geared toward buyers who wanted a retro feel but a new car. The four-door Charger was still a hot seller despite many car buyers looking for SUVs instead of sedans, CNBC reported.

Dodge said that it had the No. 1 muscle car in the U.S. in 2021, Detroit Free Press reported.

The vehicles have a starting sticker price from low $30,000 but go all the way to almost $90,000 for a Hellcat model.

Before the end of the line, Dodge said it will celebrate the iconic models.

“We are going to make sure that we celebrate that. Remember, 3 million cars, a billion horsepower and a lot of really happy customers that helped build our brand. We’re going to make sure that we do that right,” Dodge brand CEO Tim Kuniskis said, according to the Free Press.

To do that, customers will be able to order a Challenger convertible without the owner having to take the car to a custom shop to change out the traditional roof, CNN reported.

The cars will not be built as convertibles, but will instead be taken to a Florida customization shop by Dodge for the transformation. But the change will come with a cost. It will be about $26,000 added to the car’s price to change it from a coupe to a convertible, CNN reported.

Dodge will also be producing a “Last Call” line of the Charger and Challengers. The cars will have a plaque installed under the hood of the 2023 models, the Free Press reported.

There will also be seven special-edition models, CNBC reported. The details will be released later, CNN reported.