Georgia woman finds swarm of 100,000 bees in home, again

DECATUR, Ga. — An estimated 100,000 bees were removed from a Georgia woman’s house, the third time a colony has made a hive there in the last four years.

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The first swarm Lisa Ohrmundt had removed was in 2017, and numbered more than 120,000, Fox News reported. A smaller hive was later removed.

“And then this one, hopefully is the grand finale,” Ohrmundt told CNN.

She discovered the latest swarm after seeing bees disappear around the outside of her house.

“I guess I’m the Queen Bee,” Ohrmundt told Fox News. “They keep coming back to our house. ... Make it stop, or show me how to get them to pay rent.”

An apiarist ended up removing an estimated 100,000 bees.

“They just love that house,” Bobby Chaisson, of Georgia Bee Removal, told CNN. “I don’t know what it is, it’s like they have a sign on the side of the house that says: ‘Bees Welcome, Please Move In.’”

Ohrmundt has lived in the Decatur house for 14 years. Neighbors told her the previous owners had issues with bees as well.

“It’s crazy the ones we have removed from there because generally an average colony of bees that have moved in and ‘set up shop’ so to speak, will be about 40,000 bees on average, and as you can see, the ones there are gigantic,” Chaisson said.

The buzz around the home is gone, for now.

“Word on the street is it’s a great place to live,” Ohrmundt said. “I had (Chaisson) go down the wall with his heat sensor to see about any other potential homes--- hopefully not, but I wouldn’t rule anything out.”