Coronavirus: Thief returns restaurant tip money for out-of-work servers with apology note

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A man who stole a restaurant tip jar for out-of-work servers returned the ill-gotten money with a note and a donation.

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The thief stole the jar from Mexican Villa Restaurants on Friday afternoon, KOZL reported. The restaurant shared photos of the man taking the money on social media and asked for help to identify him.

But before police became involved, the man came back to the restaurant Saturday night with the money, as well as a little more than he stole, and a note.

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“To the employees who worked yesterday I truly apologize for what happened it was a stupid mistake made while under the influence of drugs which is not (an) excuse just the truth,” the man wrote. “There was 40 something (dollars) in there when it was taken I tried to double it but could only get 70 (dollars) I’m sorry I’m not a bad person just a man with an addiction I AM sorry.”

The restaurant hopes to support the man to make more positive decisions.

“Sadly, this is something we all know about our community - there’s a serious problem with drugs and addiction and decent people get tangled in that web,” the restaurant wrote on social media Sunday. “Today, we want to say something to this man. We respect you did the right thing. We think there’s a good person inside and we’d like to help you get him back.”