Clearest images of sun: Astrophotographer layers thousands of images of sun in astonishing photo

Have you ever wondered what the sun looks like close up?

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While you could never get close to the sun in person, an astrophotographer who has spent years taking pictures of the sun and moon has created the next best thing.

He has layered about a hundred thousand photos to create a composite image of what the sun looks like, Yahoo News reported.

He shares his photos on Instagram.

Earlier this year, an image taken by Jason Gunzel had gone viral, with some crediting the photo to NASA, USA Today reported in January.

But it wasn’t NASA and its high-tech gear that snapped the photo.

It was the work of Gunzel, who told the newspaper that he actually took the photos in December.

Gunzel said, “This session on the sun was marred by subpar atmospheric conditions leaving a loss of contrast and detail.” So he edited the photo, even colorizing it.