Chicago dad fatally shot shielding daughter from gunman, family says

CHICAGO — A Chicago man fatally shot in an ambush on Wednesday while taking his daughter to school was able to shield the 7-year-old from gunfire, his family said Thursday.

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Travell Miller, 33, was stopped in traffic at about 7:30 a.m. CDT when a man got out of another car, walked up and opened fire, according to the Chicago Police Department. Miller was struck by four bullets and was taken to an area hospital, where he was pronounced dead, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

“He was simply driving his daughter to school. He was talking to his mother (on the phone) as this guy runs up on the car,” Miller’s father, Joseph Gilmore, told the newspaper. “His mother hears her son say, ‘Dang man, what the (expletive).

“She hears commotion and then hears him say, ‘Mama, Mama, I’ve been shot.’”

Family members said Miller had custody of his daughter, who was not injured during the shooting, WGN-TV reported.

“She’s traumatized,” Gilmore told the Sun-Times. “She’s devastated that she watched her father get killed.”

Gilmore told WGN that doctors said the trajectory of the bullets showed that Miller was leaning over to protect his daughter.

The suspect with the gun fled the scene, police said.

Police released photos of the alleged gunman and the car he was driving, which was a two-door Grand Prix with no license plates, WFLD reported.

Travell Miller’s identical twin brother, Lavell Miller, said the news of his brother’s death left him feeling “hollow.”

“He wasn’t part of any gang life, criminal life. He wasn’t a troubled man, didn’t have any enemies,” Lavell Miller told the Sun-Times. “He was a brother, a father, a son. He was a partner.”

Lavell Miller said he introduced his brother to bartending, the newspaper reported.

“When we did it together, it was 10-times magnified,” Lavell Miller told the newspaper. “I have a lot of family, but he was my twin brother. It’s a special bond and it’s a special thing.”

Travell Miller came up with the name “Bar-twin-ders” to market the brothers.

“I thought that was the right amount of corny,” Lavell Miller told the Sun-Times.

Police are still investigating and trying to determine what motive the gunman may have had.

“I pray that God serves them the same dish they gave my son,” Gilmore told reporters.