Women who find prosthetic leg on Florida beach locate owner in Arkansas

Women who find prosthetic leg on Florida beach locate owner in Arkansas

A woman walking along Panama City Beach in Florida found an unusual item. Photo: Justin Hilton/Pixabay

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. — Two women who made an astonishing discovery on a Florida beach when they found a prosthetic leg vowed to find the owner, and they did.

Update 11:50 p.m. EDT May 22: The two cousins were on vacation when they found the artificial limb at Panama City Beach.

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Farra Bata and Amanda Taylor posted about the discovery on the I Love Panama City Facebook page, according to KNXV-TV.

After some 900 shares and hundreds of reactions, a woman in Arkansas said the leg belonged to her daughter, who lost it while she was swimming.

Original report: Seashells or seaweed washing up on the beach is an everyday occurrence in Florida.

A prosthetic leg is a different matter.

Farrah Beth Bata found the lonely appendage Morning at Panama City Beach, the Northwest Florida Daily News reported.

"Soooooo, super random question," Bata posted on Facebook's I Love Panama City page. "Anyone missing a leg?"

Bata said she found the leg in the water in front of Whispering Seas.

The leg has a black top and a prosthetic foot attached but no shoe, the Daily News reported.

Of course not. Who wears shoes on the beach?

Seriously, Bata is trying to find the owner, the Daily News reported. The manufacturer has been emailed with the leg's serial number in an attempt to find the person, according to the newspaper.