• Walmart says photo showing back to school gun display was a prank

    By: Matt Naham, Rare.us


    Walmart has determined that a photo making the rounds on the internet showing a sign that reads “Own The School Year Like A Hero” on top of a gun display was just a prank.

    The store gave its assessment of a picture linking gun sales to school preparedness. The photo, tweeted by @OMGItsBirdman Wednesday, caused a lot of controversy on the internet due to sensitivity about school shootings, and it has been retweeted more than 40,000 times.

    “We have definite proof it was a prank,” Walmart spokesman Charles Crowson told The Associated Press on Friday. “This is a result of a collective effort by a number of associates who take things like this seriously.”

    Crowson did not specify what proof Walmart had and he did not say that the sign was placed there for a staged photo or if an employee or customer moved the sign there or if it was placed there by mistake.

    A Walmart in Evansville, Indiana, was initially suggested as the location of the photo, but Crowson said that was not the case.

    The photo was posted on Wednesday, and a look at Walmart’s tweets and replies on its official Twitter account shows that it has been responding with constant apologies since then.

    Walmart says a photo that showed a back to school gun display was a prank.



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    USA Today reported that Walmart responded to many unhappy Twitter users, saying the sign is “definitely not okay” and a “regrettable situation.”

    Some people on social media were wise to this being a prank, while @GR3GB3 said the negative swarm to the sign is “why our country sucks.”

    “No one has a sense of humor anymore,” the user tweeted.

    Still, a number of people criticized the company on social media, expressing disgust.

    “Lemme just scoop my jaw off the floor,” @JacobAWare tweeted.

    “I’ve seen a lot of disturbing pictures of folks shopping at WalMart, but this tops them all,” @Jethro_blue wrote.

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