• Video shows Notre Dame player's surprise reunion with military brother

    By: Kelcie Willis , Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    NOTRE DAME, Ind. - The Notre Dame men's basketball team won its Monday night game against the Colgate Raiders, but one player may have had a better night than the rest.

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    Yahoo Sports reported that Notre Dame point guard Matt Farrell and his family were surprised after the Irish won over when his big brother, first lieutenant Bo Farrell made a surprise return home.

    Bo Farrell first appeared in a video message on a jumbotron in the Edmund P. Joyce Center in Notre Dame, Indiana.

    “Matty, I’ve been watching you tonight from here,” Bo Farrell said in the video. “For us, home is wherever we’re together. And I look forward to being home with you soon. Really really soon.”

    Bo Farrell walked onto the court and embraced his brother.

    The Indy Star reported that the last time the brothers saw each other was in May, according to Matt Farrell. He thought his brother would be in Afghanistan until February. He

    "The time difference is tough, but we talk all the time," he said.

    For the basketball player, seeing his brother has been "by far" the best Christmas present.

    "It’s just awesome. He picked a bad game to come to, way too many turnovers. But we’re not talking about the game. Like I said, I’m at a loss for words and I’m just really happy right now.”

    Watch video of the reunion from ABC News below.

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